About Us


About GigaSports
Hong Kong’s preferred professional sports superstore, GigaSports carries the widest range of sportswear and fitness gear to cater to the demands of our growing sports community. This is where everyone - from gym junkies and marathoners to competitive athletes and professional trainers, will find the innovative ingredients they need to achieve optimal performance.
Train Like a Pro
GigaSports stocks an unrivalled selection of sports footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, with a unique expertise in running and training gear. We stay current with the latest trends and technical innovations to lead the market in bringing professional gear, such as compression wear and wearable technology, to Hong Kong so that our customers can leap ahead of the competition.  
Connect with Experts
As the market leader in professional sportswear, GigaSports boasts a “Product Specialist Team” that provides expert advice to help you select the right products to excel at your sport. The team is trained in eight disciplines, including running, fitness, football, basketball, swimming, racquet sports, outdoor sports and the latest wearable technology. Additionally, GigaSports frequently collaborates with sports brands to organise professional training workshops for members and sports enthusiasts.    
Run Your Own Race
GigaSports is actively promoting the running culture in Hong Kong as a way to celebrate healthy lifestyles and build community camaraderie. The “GigaSports 10K Race” attracts more than 3,000 participants annually and has become a key event in the calendar.  We also sponsor the Youth Training Programme as well as popular trail running events such as the King of the Hills (KOTH).

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