【The Next Generation of Movement Mechanism──ELEEELS X1 Percussive Massage Gun】


ELEEELS X1 Percussive Massage Gun had landed GigaSports, you only need to spend 5 minutes each day that can stimulate your blood circulation !
The massage gun provides 2 operation modes :
  • Sports mode:  high- speed vibration can improve muscle strength & alleviate muscle soreness before/after training
  • Comfort mode : lower movement frequent to relax muscles induced by prolonged use of sitting or long walk
The massage gun comes with 4 interchangeable applicators fit for different needs. It delivers powerful healing impact to help achieve better sports performance.

ELEEELS X1 Percussive Massage Gun is now available at Cityplaza, Pacific Place, Festival Walk and ELEMENTS GigaSports.

For more details, please visit : https://bit.ly/2INdcYN 

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